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最高评价的象棋软件上用户超过50万。 高棋力的中国象棋。 PSP人气游戏TOPOC中国象棋v1.2的完全重制版。本游戏的PSP版本在PSP上下载量超过300,000。之前TopocXiangQiLite版下载也有200,000以上。谨以本作献给喜欢象棋的您。 本版本是Lite版的升级版,以前Lite版本不再升级。本正式版本采取免费发布,希望做最好的象棋游戏。在吸取了玩家的建议后先在重装归来。 1 超强AI引擎,Lite版发布后,通常玩家下不过初级难度。 2 支持存档,后台运行,不再为来电退出困扰。 3 象棋残局支持书签,可以记录上次下棋的地方。支持残局的评价模式,有【优】,【良】,【中】三个等级,未下的棋用【未】表示。 4 提供100局精选的残局,体验公园捉残局的乐趣。 (Pro版目前共提供500局精选的残局,残局库将不断更新。) 6 残局模式提供智能帮助,不会的情况下可以看提示,但是会影响最后评价。 7 支持悔棋,可以悔任意步数棋。 8 中国风的界面,完整的下棋音效。 另外Pro版也发布,喜欢挑战更高难度,更多残局的可以购买Pro版,售价0.99$。 Pro版提供新的象棋棋子(木纹棋子)。详情请搜索Topoc。 如果您觉得这个象棋做的比其他的好,请给予评价,感谢大家的支持建议。 The highest rated chess software users more than 500,000 . High chess Chinese chess . Completely remake PSP v1.2 popularity of Chinese chess game TOPOC . The PSP version of the game on the PSP download more than 300,000 . Download Before TopocXiangQiLite have more than 200,000 . I would like to dedicate this for you like chess . This version is the Lite version of the upgraded version of the previous Lite version is no longer upgrade. The official version to take for free, want to do the best chess game. In drawing on the advice of players in reloading after the first return . A powerful AI engine , the Lite version of the release , but the primary difficulty is usually the next player . 2 supports archiving, running in the background , no longer bothered to call to quit . 3 chess pieces supports bookmarks , you can record the last chess place. Support endgame evaluation mode, there are , , three levels , not the next chess with said . 4 Bureau offers a selection of 100 pieces , to experience the fun of the park to catch the mess . (Pro version currently provide a total of 500 Bureau of selection of the mess, the mess will continue to update the database . ) 6 endgame mode provides intelligent help, you can not see the prompt circumstances , but it will affect the final evaluation . 7 supports undo, you can regret any number of steps chess. 8 Chinese style interface, complete chess sound. Another Pro version is also released , like the challenge more difficult , more pieces can purchase the Pro version , priced at $ 0.99 . Pro version offers new chess pieces ( wood pieces ) . Please search Topoc. If you think this chess do better than others , give evaluation, thank you for your support for the proposal .[1]